Swimming at Hopscotch School

At Hopscotch School, swimming isn’t just a leisure activity or a way for young people to have fun or keep healthy. We see swimming as an essential life skill; a life-saving skill that every child should endeavour to learn. School swimming is often the only opportunity many children have to learn to swim, so we strongly encourage parents to sign their children up for swimming lessons.

Our swim coach is professionally trained and has developed the skills of many children up to competition ability.

At the beginning, the children learn not to be fearful in water. Once their comfort level increases, they begin to learn to move in the water aided by flotation devices. Soon, the children are learning to kick and develop stroke action. All these skills will combine overtime to transform a child into a skillful swimmer. The goal is for a child to be able to swim at least 5 to 10 metres unaided (but encouraged) in a standard 25m pool.

The lessons are off-site in a standard swimming pool. The children are transported to the pool in safety and accompanied by school staff