School Policies

School Policies


At Hopscotch, we strongly encourage regular and punctual attendance. A note or a phone call is required to cover all absences. Family trips should - as much as possible/practicable - be planned to coincide with school holidays.  Although children may have work to take along with them (particularly during extended trips), this does not compensate for the quality of learning achieved in school.


Birthdays are celebrated either during snack time or lunch.  The children may bring in a birthday cake. Modest party packs are also allowed. Kindly note that any party pack that is considered extravagant will not be distributed. Such party packs will be returned home.


We implore parents to ensure that children take proper care of their workbooks, reading books and home-work books. Kindly note that any reading book that is torn or damaged in any way will be paid for in full before the end of the school term. Any workbooks that are lost will be replaced for a fee to cover the cost of the book.


Parents are encouraged to first address all matters of concern to their child’s teacher. Should there not be a satisfactory explanation/resolution, an appointment with the School Administrator should be scheduled. Parents may also send an email to This email is accessible only by the proprietress and all matters will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. We are always available to attend to your needs at all times.


At Hopscotch, we operate a ‘Keep Your Hands to Yourself’ policy. According, teachers have strict instructions not to physically discipline any child. School discipline is concerned with the behavior and safety of your child and the other children. We are strong advocates that compassion, firmness and consideration of each child are critical elements of effective discipline. All children must learn to value and consider the needs of others at all times. Children have the right to learn, teachers have the right to teach. We believe that working closely with parents is invaluable in ensuring good behaviour by all children. Children are rewarded for good behaviour, polite manners, listening and their attitude to work. 

Rewards for children could be

  • Verbal praise
  • Stickers
  • Stars (merit awards) in their books or school chart
  • Notes sent home for good behaviour
  • Favourite tasks at the end of the day

Sanctions may include

  • Verbal warning
  • Losing play time
  • Lose of privileges
  • Sitting in the corridor
  • Sitting in the office
  • Notes home for poor behaviour

Parents may be contacted by phone or letter, for continued disruption.  Parents will be updated on disciplinary procedures at every stage.


Physical Education is a crucial part of Hopscotch’s weekly schedule. A note is required if a child needs to be excused from the weekly sports day. Music and Swimming are optional activities that children are encouraged to participate in. Details should be obtained from the School Office.

Physical Education

Wednesday:    School Sports T/shirt and shorts. Sneakers/trainers are encouraged


At Hopscotch School, admission occurs when parents accept the offer of a place and pay the one-time Registration Fee. The termly school bill for all children will comprise the fees for the term, cost of lunch, utilities for educational manipulatives etc, school books and extra-curricular activities offered by the school which the children may opt to participate in. Depending on the term, there will also be a fee for the annual Christmas party/concert (1st Term - Christmas Term); Teddy Bears’ Picnic (2nd Term - Easter Term) and End of Session/Graduation Party (3rd Term - Summer Term). Fees are billed termly and are not pro-rated for partial attendance during the term. Children starting after the beginning of any term and/or leaving before the end of any term will pay the full-term tuition. Payment of full year tuition attracts 5% discount.

Exclusion for Non-Payment

A child may be excluded from the school at any time for unpaid fees; which are considered over-due when unpaid 14 days after the beginning of a school term


Hopscotch is open every day except for nationally declared public holidays. The school day starts from 6:30am and ends at 6:00pm each day. The school is also open during half-term to cater for the babies in the crèche and care can be arranged (at a fee) for children in the older classes during such periods. School closes at 2:00pm for all pupils, although extended care is offered till 6:00pm at no extra cost. Please note that late pick-up will attract a levy, in respect of any child that remains in school after 6:00pm. After school clubs/extended care operate on a daily basis.


There is no formal daily school uniform at Hopscotch. The children are however required to purchase the sports t-shirts from the school. Children should be dressed in inexpensive, comfortable clothes. Shoes should also be comfortable and we suggest sneakers and covered sandals. For girls, hair must be braided or plaited simply. The excessive use of hair extensions/attachment is discouraged.  Boys’ hair must also be well combed. Earrings: Small sleepers or studs.