About Us

About Us

Our Mission Statement

To be a school renowned for broadening child development by encouraging and nurturing children to become assured of their abilities, understanding of concepts, developing independence and becoming more encouraged to apply themselves wholeheartedly to learning


Our Vision Statement

To empower our children to acquire and demonstrate knowledge and skills that will nurture and support them as life-long learners.

Our Core Principles and Ethos

At Hopscotch School –

  1. Physical Discipline* is an absolute ‘No No’............thus teachers must/shall keep their hands to themselves
  1. Raised Voices are a ‘No No’ and so:
    • when we speak to each other/parents/children we shall maintain a low and reasonable conversational tone;
    • we will not shout at any child unless in an extreme situation where a child’s life is threatened or in danger (and a raised voice is required to immediately catch the child’s attention)
    • a firm tone will be used to attract the attention of a child that is being mischievous/naughty
  1. Manners matter and we shall greet each other/parents/children as appropriate and rudeness shall not be tolerated; whether among the teachers or to parents
  1. Diction is critical and so we shall carefully pronounce our words and NOT use slangs especially when addressing the children
  1. A Smart Appearance is non-negotiable. The staff takes great pride in their appearance and are always well-turned out in smart casual clothing. No sleeveless tops, no extremely short skirts or tight trousers or leggings; and no slippers, only flat shoes/pumps.
  1. Focus on our work is essential. There shall be no use of phones in the classrooms during school hours. All teachers must hang their bags on the bag hooks outside the classrooms.

We recognise that we are critical in the development of the children in our care and so shall ensure that we treat each child kindly; are attentive to their needs; and passionate and concerned about their learning and social skills

*   NB: physical discipline - no smacking or spanking; flicking or pulling of cheeks; twisting of ears; spanking with fingers on child’s hands. A child          seating in the corridor (supervised) or being sent to the office, will be the mode of moderating a child’s behaviour